Monday, December 29, 2008

The weekend after christmas

We petitioned to have the girls out for the weekend and also petitioned for two of the girls that there new parants were not going to be in town. So me and chris had four girls in a very small apartment. I would sujjest to all the men out there not to do this!

The court went very smooth it was on chris's birthday. The apointment was at 2pm. The judge was late he had a meeting at the other court. The room was about as big as are living room three benches on each side. There was a steel cage on the left and three big chairs were the judge sat in the middle chair. The recorder was the judges secretary taking notes on a pad? They did have microphones but didn't know if they were on. You could still see the hammer and sickle on two of the judges chairs were it was removed. court only lasted about 40 min.


suesue said...

Hey Bruce -- Chris finally let you use the computer(ha-ha). Your a man of few words,if you had five females over the weekend that made you a man of no words. Glad to get some input from you -- it sounds like some things suprised you too. Hope its not much longer and you, Chris and the girls will be on the way home.
All my love to All

Clevenger Family said...

Hey guys!! Chris, hope ur b-day was good. Congrats on selling ur house. I've been praying 4 u and the girls each nite. Tell em i said "hi". Can't wait 2 c u all back home safely.
Love ya, Steph