Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today the sun finally came out. This is the first time we have seen it in two weeks. What a blessing. Guess What! The electricity and water did not go off today either. WWWOOOOHHHOO!! I (Chris) have the wonderful opportunity of experiencing travelers diarrhea so as I a typing I pray that I don't explode.:)

Only two more days and we will be proud parents of two beautiful girls. I frequently ask Bruce if he realized what he was getting into when he married me. A total of 4 kids in 2 1/2 years!! What a man!

We visited the orphanage today and was verbally assulted by the bad boys. I am having a hard time controlling myself. I just want to put them over my leg and spank them. They attempt to pick your pockets and ask for money money money. I told them to go back to class so they could get a job and make their own money. The Burrits said this was the worst they have seen them. I do not tolerate this treatment very well. Please pray these boys leave us and our children alone.

For those of you who have ever thought about adoption we have also met some wonderful children that would love to come to America. If I could they would be coming home with us. I will of course be bringing pictures to tug at your heart strings. Basically all we have been tolerating and experiencing is worth it all to get our girls and bring them home!

Now off to the toy/clothing store to get Ukrainian Barbie's. They have short skirts and black thigh high boots with 4 inch heals. :) Lydia you know what I am speaking of.:):)

Marti just wanted to tell you that Svetia has a pic of you on her bed. You are going to have to help me with them when we get back.
Sue Sue just wanted to let you know that Ira wanted her name to be Susie after you but we had already choosen their names so we can call her Susie for short nickname.

I hope we can bring back some interesting things from our experiences(except the travellers diarrhea). Until later.

Love everyone!!!!!
Give the boys a big hug and kiss from mom and dad and thanks to Doug, Amy and Aubrey for taking the boys to church for us. You are awesome and we love you very much.
Chris and Bruce Kochanek


Clevenger Family said...

Yeah. 1 More day. We are so excited. Chris, we hope your birthday is great. I am sure it will be memorable. Steph's birthday is the 27th. She will be 21 again this year. We love you guys. Merry Christmas.
The Clevengers

Theatta said...

Chrissy and Bruce,
Merry Christmas and an early Happy B-day to Chrissy.
I printed off your blog notes and will share with the family at Christmas dinner today.
After reading some of your notes, your mother and I decided you would not have survived on the farm!!!
Hope everthing goes well getting the girls.
Hey Chris should I come over and adjust those boys attitdues?
Bruce---hang in there-- keep telling Chrissy to breathe!!!
Loretta just stopped by and asked me to tell you guys hi. So hi!
Well, got to go. I have to finish making the Robert Redford.
Love and prayers,
Theatta, Jim and Jamie

Susan said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!! Happy to hear things are going well. Can't wait to see your new hairstyle. See you soon.

suesue said...

Glad to talk to you for a short time at Christmas. Want to wish you Happy Birthday --- this will be one you will always remember -- hope everything goes well --- will be thinking about all of you and sending my love to all. Be glad when your all home.

Trisha Allen said...

Chris hold your tongue sister those boys maybe able to take you especially now that your a skinny little thang.:) This is defintely a test for all of you, wont be long an you ll be HOME looking back on that experience. Stay strong, were still praying for you all of you. Congrats on the sale of the house that sign out front looks alot better with a sold sign posted on it. May the blessing continue.
Love an God Bless
The Allens

suesue said...

Dear Mom and Dad, we had a verey good Christmas! Mamlls mom praeed for you. Me and Jase bot you something for you. Me and are ikside about you come back with the grils! Zoe is off her pereid are you rlevd? Gred and Don are coming back on Monday and taking us to Mark and Carese to open up presents!
love your Son

Dear Chris and Bruce,
Dad and I are enjoying the boys, the house will be to quite when they leave. When did you say you are coming home? We are praying for you all everyday, but know that God has His plans and it's best to let Him have control. That way things go a lot smoother.
Love Mom and Dad

Teresa said...

Hi Chris ~

I'm so glad to hear you all made it to Russia safe and sound:) God is definitey working in your life right now and I'm so happy for you! After reading your post I'm not sure if you will be back to CNMC or not, but if not, maybe we can get together sometime:) Our homestudy will be completed this week so we will be one step closer to our daughter in China:) We'll be keeping you in our prayers:)