Monday, December 22, 2008


WEll we finally have some limited access to the computer. We have been so busy! We were able to meet Iryna and Svieta's 3 sisters. That was an experience I will never forget. They were very nice but cried that we were not able to adopt them. I cried as well. We have court on Dec 26th (which is my birthday). What a great present!! The girls are so happy to come home to America.

Oh we also told the two middle girls Tanya and Ulia that we would bring the girls by their orphanage to say good bye. If we could afford the other children we would adopt them but we just cant do it. This makes me sad but yet we have to think of Iryna and Svieta now. People here can't understand why we want to adopt children when we can have them and already have two at home. I guess we will be asked this question in court.

Yesterday we were able to see where they sleep. The room was dark and cold and the bed was had basically a thin blanket as a matress. When we sat down on the bed we could feel the support boards. I am so ready to get them out!!

The girls love Bruce and always try to tickle him or play with his beard. Svieta showed me her sketch book and I was amazed!! She can look at a picture and then draw it very very well. I hope to get her in some art classes in America.

We did not see the girls today because we went at a bad time and we had to get out of there. We were called the B word multiple times and asked for money and candy. The boys at the orphanage are rough and mean!

We pray that we can have them at the flat this weekend and for their Christmas break. We technically have to wait 10 days after the court date until we have them in our custody but we might have them sooner with the petition. I believe their break starts on Friday and they go back around the 13th of Jan.

The weather is comparable to Indiana. We walk everywhere which provides good exercise but I miss my van and having the convenience of getting in and going where I want. Chris got a Ukrainian hair cut because the water has caused damage. It only costed me about $2.50. I said SSSWWEEEETTTT!!!! The people are nice at times but they cheat you on change. I find the corruption and cheating interesting. I guess they think we do not notice. They must think we are stupid Americans!!

Please keep praying for us that we just get through this process quickly with few complications. Pray that God opens the needed doors and Chris does not have a nervous breakdown!!!!! We appreciate everyones comments and support. Just getting online to see responses puts a smile on her face. Until the next internet cafe.

Chris and Bruce Kochanek


The Ferren Family said...

We picked Jase up for church last night. Seth wanted to stay home and play baseball on the wii. Chris, your mom is the bomb. She baked us up some of the best white macadamian nut cookies we have ever had. Amy threatened to hide the plate from Doug in fear he would eat them all up before the kids got one. Aubrey say she is ready to play with her two new friends. All of us are looking forward to celebrating with all of you when you return home. We hope that you have a superfantastic birthday Chris. We pray that the best possible outcome that can happen will happen. Please know that we are proud of you. Hoping that you are growing closer to the Lord and each other during this time. We also hope that the Lord will make this Christmas very special for you both.
Your friends, Doug & Amy + kids

laylablue said...

we are praying for you all
sounds as though you are having many eye-opening experiences

i miss being in seth's class
i visited for the party, and the students nearly knocked me over with hugs and love!

i love reading your posts
happy birthday, and merry christmas