Friday, December 12, 2008

SDA appointment

We had our SDA appointment today and we will get our referral on Monday. After the referral we will be traveling about 6 hours to Kotovsk to see the girls. Our next date to tackle is the court date. We are praying that we get a quick date since we do have to wait 10 days after the date to actually get the girls then we will rush rush rush to get appoinments with the embassy to get visas etc... I am beginning to feel better about things. Thanks to everyone who is praying for us it helps.

This morning praise the Lord we had water but not to our surprise it was ice cold! So we improvised again on the showers. We take so much for granted!! It is even interesting when it comes to service in restaraunts. They do not check on you throughout the meal and you have to flag someone down to put your order in and even get your check. Then again maybe they are ignoring us since we are Americans. I stick out like a sore thumb. Oh well we have come for a reason (to get our girls).

For any of you who see our boys tell them mommy and daddy love them and can't wait to get home with the rest of our family.

I will probably not post anything until Monday or Tuesday. Blessings to all.



The Ferren Family said...

Bruce & Chris,

We are so happy and excited for you both knowing that it won't be long now before you have your girls. We are holding your family up in our prayers. We are grateful that you have started this blog because we are anxious to hear of your progress. Please rest in the Lord; he goes before you. We trust he will keep you safe and will open the doors for you to make this process as quick as possible. P.S.
We don't know what to tell you about the shower, except just wash what you need to. tee hee!!
With Love, Doug, Amy, Aubrey, & Austin.

rob said...

Hey its Robby Im on the phone with mom as im writing this to you. Mom said the boys miss you both, and that they cant wait to get you guys back home. We hope every thing is going ok, just remember enjoy yourselves while you are over there, and tell the girls that we cant wait to see them and that we all love them very much. Marti says we are enjoying our hot showers and modern technology lmao. If you can get me a bottle of vodka and bring it back to me lol. By guys talk to you later. Robby, Marti, Damion, and Ashton

Clevenger Family said...

Thanks so much for the updates. You guys are doing a great job. Rest assured you are being prayed for by many. It seems every new blog has another miracle God is providing for you. We love you guys and are so happy for you. We will love on the boys for you when we see them. Steph talks to them at school too. They are doing great. If there is anything we can do to help from here please ask. It's so cool to think we will see the girls soon. Gods timing is so amazing. Love You Guys.
If you get real bored you could always count (and or pluck) Bruce's back hair. Although he would probably freeze to death :)
Love, The Clevengers

david said...

from jase im having good time at mamal house im doing well in school i miss you and bruce im going to be a sheep(ram) in the x-mas program at church and dad got shock working on the wire for the speaker for the church and that is all