Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ukraine Here We Come

We will be heading to Ukraine soon adding two more children to our family. I have always known that I would adopt and have biological children but did not realize God would work so quickly. The Lord is truly teaching me how much he is in control of our lives. As I reflect on the events of the last 4 months I see His hand throughout the whole process from orchestrating my change to a different master's program to the short wait for our appointment with adoption officials in Ukraine. People ask how were we able to get through the process quickly because some wait months to years to adopt internationally. All I can say is that OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!

This week we will be gathering and packing clothes and supplies for our trip. If our Internet connection works in Ukraine I will be updating this blog on a regular basis so please follow us on our adoption journey. Please pray for our family staying here as well as our girls we will bringing home. Pray that the Lord opens doors for us in Ukraine and that we embrace our trip the good and bad.

May God Bless and Keep You
Chris K

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