Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Have Made It

Well we finally arrived in Ukraine Yesterday. It has been an adventure. First I would like to say on our way from Indy to Chicago we met a gentleman named Noah who is also a nurse working in Indy who might be able to connect us with a plastic surgeon at Riley for Iryna's eye. God is working and that is what I have to keep reminding myself. Even when in Germany people at the airport started going through my things and make me take my concelled money pouch off to go through xray.

Lastnight in Ukraine was a real eyeopener for me! Girlscouts did not prepare me for this! We are staying in a 3 room apartment. At least we have our own private bathroom. This afternoon I woke up desiring a nice warm shower to begin our day fresh. Well that did not happen. As I attempted to turn on the water I realized it is not running. So thankfully we bought a big bottle of water lastnight and Bruce used some of that to sponge bathe and I washed up with some baby wipes. I will be brining pix back of the inside. You will be amazed at the living conditions.

There is an issue we need everyone to get on their knees and pray for. Lastnight we found out that we may be here longer than five weeks. I guess the judge in Kotovsk is behind on cases and we may not have our court date until after the first of the year. This is a problem because I will have to return in 6 weeks to maintain my new position at MGH which will leave Bruce by himself. Please join our family in prayer about this situation.

The girls know we are in country and are excited from what we hear. Pray that we travel to Kotovsk on Friday after our SDA appoinment and that God goes before us and prepares our way, opens doors, and calms my nerves. Until the next WiFi I find.

God Bless and Thanks to everyone keeping us on their prayer list.
Chris and Bruce.

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