Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well it is Sunday about 2:11 pm here so that makes it 7 am in the US. We miss everyone so much. We just got done discussing how everyone is probably waking up and getting ready for church. Well I (chris) almost got us kicked out of our apartment (according to Bruce). After our SDA appoinment an old lady came to the door asking to see the apt. We did not want to let her in but Olef called and said it was ok to let her in. I guess she wanted to rent it next week and wanted to see what it looked like. Well me being the honest and to the point person I am told her we had no hot water and the bed was hard (the matress is box springs). Then later on that night we have a call from our translator Jenya saying we need to move to a different apt. (We both were secretly excited about the move as to give us something to do on Saturday :)!) In the end we ended up staying in our current apt. And praise the Lord we have hot water now. They have a heater in the bathroom that warms the water if the hot gets shut off. What we discovered was that the Mayor turned off the hot water because of the company not paying the gas bill. Everyone in the city was without water. This morning he must have turned it back on!! I guess a hot shower once a weeks is good. So keep praying guys. It is working.

We will travel on Monday evening to the orphanage but we are missing everyone so much that we found an internet cafe and payed for an hour to just check email and communicate with everyone. When we get to Kotovsk on Monday it will be late so we will touch base with everyone on Tuesday probably.

I just have to remember that God is working. It may not be in my time but we have seen miricles thus far. It is sad how much I have taken for granted in my life. I will surely have more patience and enjoy our hot water oh and they have MCDonalds. WWOOOOHHOO!!!

Chris and Bruce Kochanek


Clevenger Family said...

Wow, you guys are really blessing us here. Just to see how God is working already through your situation. We prayed for you this morning in men's prayer and will again in Sunday School. Steph says "Hi" and that she talks to the boys daily. You have to let us know if McDonalds taste the same or if they have different things on the menu. We are so excited for you guys.
With Love & Prayers....
The Clevenger's

Trisha Allen said...

I am so proud of you both, i wonder if i myself would survive those living conditions,WOW!! Now chris please dont go getting kick out before you bring your girls home. I can see the look on Bruce s face when that went down. Funny! I love following your postings. This adventure is part of God helping you be thankful for Beautiful Downtown Gas City. Be safe an patient. We are lifting you up in our prayers daily. Hurry Home!

Clevenger Family said...

Seth did amazing on Sunday when he narrated the story of Christ's birth. You guys would have been so proud. I can't wait to hear about the next step in your adventure. Still loving and praying for you guys.

Susan Wilson said...

Hey, sounds like you guys are having a fun time. If you check your email, I sent you a holiday greeting from the kids. Take care and stay safe! By the way it is 16 degrees outside right now, your not missing much!

JuOae Chang said...

Mr. and Mrs. Kochanek!
I am so so so glad that you safely got to Ukraine
How are you doing?
I hope you are enjoying your time
Are the Russian people treating you well?
I hope everything is going great for you guys
When are you planning to come back?

marti said...

Hey guys, jsut got done eating some steaks. How has the food been there? Is the girls ready to come home? The boys are doing good mom is keeping them busy. Damion said da da Friday, and it made Marti upset lol. Keep your heads held high, keep your eyes open, and don't let them talk you into something that be to much to handle. We miss and love you both becareful. Talk to you soon and hopefully see the four of you even sooner.

marti said...

Well guys, just got done eating on some steaks. How is the food over there? The boys are keeping mom busy. Damion said da da on Friday and it made Marti upset a little bit lol. Are the girls ready to come home still? Those little boys aren't getting to them are they? We miss you both, hope to see to see all 4 of you guys soon.