Monday, January 12, 2009

Peesit (PEEPEE)

Ok guys I am going to tell you about an experience you need to sit down for. The picture is of a normal toilet in Ukraine. My experience started when I had to really go one day and was just learing the pants down balancing act to hit the hole and not my boots. So as I was squatting and attempting to bend over and observe the stream something wet splash up on my forhead. Now I am not sure if it was mine or the pile located to the side but I assume the exposure wont kill me but make my immune system stronger. FYI dont shake my hand when I get off the plane. If anyone needs tutoring on the squat pee balancing stance I can give you my notes. :) :) LOL


Anonymous said...

I used to hate public restrooms in the States. Like if we were on a road trip and had to stop to use a gas station restroom, I always felt dirty and germy afterward. But the Ukrainian restroom facilities were a WHOLE OTHER story. Yeah, I was totally grossed out the first time I had to PAY to pee in a hole in the ground. And then there wasn't even toilet paper! I'm glad I was carrying tissues with me, which I quickly learned to always do in Ukraine. It really is a challenge for a woman to relieve herself squatting over a hole. I definitely don't know how all those high heel-wearing women do it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant to say that now U.S. public restrooms don't bother me anymore. Over the holidays we went on our first road trip since being back from Ukraine. It was funny how the gas station restrooms didn't seem so bad after all. : ) And it's even funnier how our girls like to play in all the public restrooms. They like to check each one out and ooh and ahh about how cool each one is.

susan said...

Port-a-pots don't look so bad afterall!!