Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day What????

Ok so now every day seems to be running together. I am not sure of the date but I know it is Saturday. Most of you are just getting out of bed but we have been up for a while. Bruce and I have decided to come in town to the internet cafe to just get away by ourselves. Mark and Yegor (the Burrits) went to another region to visit some missionaries and Tammy with Nadyia stayed with us at the flat. Noel (Svitlana) and Christine (Iryna) are having fun. They love the jackets from the Clevengers. They fit great!!! We did have to take Noel shopping for pants because she grew tall over the last couple of months. They are still skinny little girls though. We have discovered that the kids at our orphanage seem to be on the thin side when compaired to others in the region. It makes me wonder why and what might be going on behind closed doors??? Maybe it is best we do not know.
Oh and tell Pastor Mick we changed the girls names to ones he can pronounce.:):) LOL!!

I think we are becoming more Ukrainian as each day goes by. Bruce is still wearing the same jeans since last week. The Febreeze is becoming ineffective!!! I will need to write a brief letter to the company when we return.LOL!! We had the opportunity to visit the open market again yesterday. People in America need to experience all of this to appreciate their freedom and opportunities they have. I bet a lot would change their way of life quickly.

We are hoping to take the girls to see sisters Tonya and ULia sometime after getting the official birth certificate. We pray all goes well with this reunion. If anyone is interesting in adoption they are on the international list and are very sweet girls. Anyone just let us know. Maybe our experiences have helped to pave the way, it might be easier on others we know. If anyone is interested let us know as we have made some contacts here in Ukraine that would help with facilitating.

We cant wait to share our pictures and multiple stories. The girls ask over and over again when are we going home. Which makes us feel good and reconfirms our decision about splitting up the family.

Please pray for the other families that are here with us as each of us have our own special stories and situations to overcome. Laurie and Keith Passon adopting Yana as well and Mark and Tammy Burritt adopting Nadyia.
We will be home sooon!!! Love on the boys for us.

Love Ya
Chris and Bruce Kochanek


The Ferren Family said...

Hi this is Aubrey!!!! I want the girls to have some of my Barbie things, if that is o.k. - Hey this is Amy! I got a little teary eyed when I read the blog that told the girl's new names. Did they help you decide? I am so glad that this process is almost over for you both. Hang in there! I will continue to hold you up in my prayers. - Hey this is Doug, I also have some old Barbie's and Cabbage Patch dolls the girls can have if thats o.k. LOL! I can't wait to see you back in the states. Always in our prayers, Love in Christ!

Tamara and Dennis said...

I saw your Mom and Dad at the hospital today when they visited my Mom and your Mom gave me this link. Wow! I really hope you, Bruce and the girls will come home soon. Can't wait to meet them.
Miss you,
Cousin Tammy