Saturday, January 10, 2009


WE ARE IN ODESSA!!! We applied for the passport on Friday the 9th and they say anywhere from 3-7 days to get it. We are praying for the 3 day wait but who knows what will happen. Only God knows. This town is very clean and nice. Our facilitator, Chris and Laurie Passon walked about five miles today and tomorrow we will go see a dolphin show by the Black Sea. Bruce stayed in the apartment with our girls and Laurie's girl Yana since they did not want to go out. When we got home they had him tied up while throwing grapes at him but he would not budge. I told him next time he will not be so gullible to say yes at staying home. They needed to get out and walk to burn off energy.

Odessa has been fun and we have taken a lot of pictures. When I am able to use my own laptop I will attempt to download some pix for everyone. The streets are cobblestone, no snow, and a tad bit warmer than Kotovsk. I, Chris will be heading home on the 19th regardless since I have to be at work on the 21st.

Well we need to get back to the loft before the girls tie up Laurie. Hugs and Kisses to all.

Love Ya Chris


Anonymous said...

Chris -
Would you be interested in any hand-me-downs from Anya and Anastasia? I have some I could send if it would help. Also, the girls put together a box of toys, etc., that they would like to give to your girls. Would that be okay? I don't want to load you down with more stuff to have to go through and deal with, but if it would be helpful, I'd love to send it. I can send it soon, or I can wait to send it closer to when you think the girls will be home. Just let me know what works for you.

Clevenger Family said...

I am glad to hear your surroundings are getting better. We are hoping and praying it's only 3 days to get the passport. It has been nice seeing Don & Greta back at New Hope. We had our first Upwards games yesterday. Can't wait to see you guys and those pretty girls. We love you guys and miss you.
The Clevengers

Verstijnen Family said...

It is so great that things seem to be working out for you guys. I am sure that it has not been easy, but it will be worth it. God really has a way of blessing us when we ask, huh? We miss you here at Clarian North. I have been attempting to keep people updated on your status. Take care and have a safe and wonderuful trip HOME (hopefully soon)!