Monday, January 12, 2009

Day of Fun

We are having a lot of fun. Right now we are sitting at a bar eating dinner. I know we are not to be exposing the children to this atmosphere but it seems like one of the nicest ones. LOL. The food is good. I am going to attempt to download some pictures. Hopefully we are able to know on Tuesday when we might have our passports. I plan to come back to this bar for further meals tomorrow.The name is Kanhmah.

Some interesting things have occured today. As walking down the street I look into an alley and see an older woman releasing urine. Oh the experiences you will see in Ukraine. I will try to bring back some interesting pictures.:)

Until Zaftra (tomorrow)
Love Chris


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture!!! I love seeing the girls again, and so happy!!! It makes me miss them more, though. Our family will be chomping at the bit to see your family whenever you are ready. No pressure. I know these things take time.

I'm glad you're soaking in all the sites and sounds (and apparently body fluids, too, from the sounds of your other post, but I'm not glad about that one). We went to the dolphin show too. It's a good one. We weren't sure what to expect. I hadn't thought about the bikinis or wet suits option. Does sound like a completely viable question, though, for Ukraine. Our question was if they were going to be in dresses and spike heels trying to work with the dolphins.

Again, we're just so excited for you. I'm so thankful your two precious girls have a loving home now. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Sveta and Ira how are you? Where are you? Hi guys this is Oreo, the dog I am miss you so much! Bye love, Anya M. Zebell

That was Anya typing and writing. I'm going to try to spell out phonetically how what she wrote would sound in Russian. Then, if you read my phonetic version to the girls, hopefully they'll be able to understand it all.

Priviet Svieta E Ira. Kak di la? Kogda te? Priviet. Eta Oreo, sabachka. Ya ochen skoochat po te. Paka. Liblue, Anya