Monday, January 5, 2009

Barbie's are Awesome

I am at the internet cafe with Noel and she says DaDaDa (yes yes yes) Barbies!!! We are getting excited to travel to Odessa to get their passports. They miss everyone and can't wait to see the family and friends they did not meet while spending time with us. We appreciate everyone's prayers. It means so much to have good friends and family going to God on our behalf. When I get discouraged I just think that God has not let us down so far and that if we just give him total control he will work out all the details. Maybe that is what God has been trying to teach me (Chris) at least.
I keep everyone at home in my prayers. It feels like we have been gone for soo long. We would like to have a party eventually to celebrate our new family of 6 when we get home. The girls can't wait to get to school and want to spend some time with Mackenzie Skeens. They have picked her out of pix and seem to be drawn to her. (You go Girl!!!). So if anyone sees Sammie or Kim let them know we will be sending the kids over soon!! :0.

Three more days to go until we travel. People ask if we will come back to Kotovsk but we do not think so. There are some others issues I will discuss when I arrive home but not here and not right now. I have little eyes watching.

Well take care everyone we are off to the market, paper store, clothing store and where ever else we can spend time. Blessing from two Kochanek Girls Chris and Noel

Oh Ted wanted to let you know I took out the teeth candy you sent because of all the rumors going around the orphanage that Americans were adopting and cutting up the kids. I figured that would not go over well. The girls ate the candy at the flat just not all the kids.

A Message From Noel:
HOME HOME HOME. I want to eat Pizza when I come home to America. Thank You Sue Sue, Theatte,Jim, and Grandparents for painting my room. Hi to Zoe and Lucky. Hi to Aunt Marti. (They kiss your picture by the way). We will be home SSSOOOOONNN!


ehehe said...

Everything fine in neighborhood. I haven't seen your dogs much lately. it's about 2:30pm on monday Jan 5. Temp is about 29, but we do have some sunshine today. looking forward to meeting the girls. Nice to see people living in the Main St house. Our prayers are with you!
Elaine Hehe

Justin and Wendi said...

Chris -
Do you have Skype? If so, we could chat via that. Then the girls could see each other.

Also, don't know if I told you this or not, but Odessa Executive Suites is a tremendous place to stay when in Odessa. They have a variety of apartments to suit your needs. Most have washers, Internet/computers, DVD players, & furnished kitchens. Plus the office staff speaks English. The apts are clean, well located, and the staff is extremely helpful. Their site is

Trisha Allen said...

Hi all of you, Oh my you changed their names, too cute i love the names especially since I can pronounce them. Now you mention the clothes an the stinch I certainly hope your keeping up on your good Oral Hygiene skills. Ha ha. I would give you a slight break on the hygiene considering all you going through I can whip those gums back into shape in no time. :) I love hearing all the exiciting stories, can't wait to see pics. Keep in mind your in our prayers daily, hurry home. Party for sure sounds like some one was wanting some pizza so Pizza party is should be. Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love an God Bless
The Allens

suesue said...

Noel(Svieta)and Christine(Iryna)a few more touches and your room will be done --and waiting for two beautiful girls. I just hope you two like colors because it is verrrry colorful. Can't wait to see all of you.
Love,Kiss,and Hugs to All

Clevenger Family said...

We are happy the girls like their coats and are enjoying the candy. We can't wait to see you guys. Steph got a couple of kittens for Christmas & can't wait for the girls to see them. Love you guys and are continually praying for you. Won't be long now.
P.S. Please make sure the girls brush their teeth. I don't want Trish to be mad at me. Thanks...Ted